Lyford Coaching currently offer an accelerated coaching program for you on a 1:1 basis with Mark Lyford and his Team for $5,000 USD Per Month. This program includes direct telephone/Skype consultations, weekly and monthly webinars, critiques and answers to unlimited email questions and lots more.




  • Work with Mark and identify your most profitable and easiest to capitalize market opportunities.
  • Learn how to strategically develop in-demand products/services with high perceived value in your marketplace.
  • Let Mark identify your core strengths and abilities, and use this to gain a competitive edge in your business.
  • Formulate a strong and viable USP for yourself, your business brand and your products.
  • Uncover and leverage missed yet potentially highly profitable opportunities within your business.
  • Maximize your lead generation and conversion rates with highly responsive sales funnels and processes.
  • Identify weak spots and profit loss areas in your business and work with Mark to eliminate them.
  • Access the confidential, ‘closed-door’ tactics we use behind the scenes that can explode your current sales & profits
  • Brainstorm product names, headlines, tag lines.


Mark’s coaching sessions with you will include shared copyright. This means you are entitled to reprint the answers you receive. You can pass on the responses to your ghostwriters, freelance copywriters, business partners etc. And you can turn your coaching sessions into a physical or digital product you can sell. (Prior publishing approval of the finished product will be required and proper credit/disclaimers must be used when doing so.)

And Much More…


We're certain that you will love the quality of our Coaching membership website and you will truly appreciate what you will learn from us.

But unlike most sites out there, we're confident enough to put our money where our mouths are and eliminate any doubts you may have, by guaranteeing your investment today with a no-risk, no hassle, full 30 day guarantee… This is also backed by 2 Checkout ( our processor ) own terms which mean you can rest assured your decision to order now is always going to be the right one!

Your Sincerely

Mark Lyford


Important: Prior to publication any product you create for distribution based on your sessions with Mark must be submitted for final approval.  At our discretion any operational or business sensitive material must be edited or removed.  You accept all liability for publication and must not use any illegal or unethical means to promote these products.  All published materials must carry full copyright notifications and legal disclaimers and carry non transferable rights.

After receiving your payment, you will receive a unique registration address to start right away.



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This is the only chance you will have to work with me for such a low monthly amount.

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