Chancy Lyford Bio

I am a professionally trained and certified personal life and leadership coach with certifications from the Coaches Training Institute, a renowned worldwide premier coaches training organization and from the International Coach Federation

I am also currently a Certified Daring Way Facilitator™ – Candidate.  Dr. Brené Brown’s Daring Way™ curriculum involves her decades of work on the topics of shame, vulnerability, empathy, compassion and self worth is a hallmark of my coaching practice. To learn more see my page on unique paring of The Daring Way™ in my personal life and leadership coaching or go to or visit

Through my own life and coaching experience, I believe we are all on a journey to become our best selves. I believe coaching, whether personal or for the executive, is all about intentional development to become our best selves. I also believe strongly in the power of story, and that no matter our circumstances, we each have the ability to author of our life’s story.

Words matter, full stop. How we use them, whether talking to ourselves or to others has a huge effect on our lives. I offer my clients insight to see they already have the ability to choose how their unique story is told (courage), how their individual plot unfolds (compassion), and how each chapter ends and another begins (connection). Together, we will practice reclaiming authorship and choice by creating the future you desire by setting realistic goals from the agenda you set. I do this through curiosity, courage, vulnerability, connection, and empathy. For leaders, this means being clear about the boundaries, authenticity, integrity, and values you hold in order to build an agenda others will follow. Regardless of my client’s motivation for coaching, my singular focus is to help them reach their highest potential by guiding them with curiosity to see how their daily choices affect the story they are telling, both to themselves and to others, and how much of am impact that story has on their contentment.

My clients have come to me for hundreds of hours of coaching on such topics as organizational and personal change, career stagnation, leadership development, addiction, shame resilience, managing uncertainty and life choices.